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like real art but is toy

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May 20 '13

pokémon au in which periwinkle (the one with the piplup) is this really sheltered like 18-y-o who never got to go on a pokemon adventure because her meanie brother (the one with the snivy) wouldn’t let her because he’s afraid she might get hurt but her neighbour hershel (the one with the charmander) who’s like this seasoned adventurer offers to take her around the region so he can try a gander at beating all the gyms again (for shits and giggles)

meanwhile famous pokemon researcher vallery (the one with the pikachu) decides to accompany them because she lives in the same town and also has a huge gay crush on periwinkle. she addresses this crush by passive-aggressively challenging her to battles.

also helio (the brother) gets super mad at hershel for actually taking periwinkle out of her ivory tower so he’s kind of hershel’s rival to an extent.

i spent a lot of time thinking about this au im sorry.

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